Did you know that the world’s most prominent whistle manufacturer, behind which all others follow, is British through and through? Well that is the case with ACME whistles.

Joseph Hudson moved to Birmingham during the industrial revolution, and trained as a toolmaker. He decided to make whistles in his spare time at home, but nothing came of it until the London Metropolitan Police put out a call for a replacement to their Police rattles. Hudson stepped forward, and the police were delighted with his design.

ACME whistles only grew from there. They are the principal suppliers to hundreds of organisations around the world, from sporting organisations like FIFA and the NFL, to humanitarian bodies like the UN and NATO. They were also the whistle used on the Titanic! They show no signs of stopping either, bringing innovations in dog whistles and animal call whistles alongside their traditional models. Every whistle is tested, so quality is guaranteed.

ACME Whistles were nominated by RH Nuttall