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Welcome to UK Manufacturing Awards!

An award to recognise the best in British home-grown manufacturing

Following the end of voting, we are proud to announce that Rega, the turntable trend setters, are the inaugural winner of the UK Manufacturing Awards, sponsored by RH Nuttall!

Rega trophy UK Manufacturing Awards

Winning by a narrow margin, Rega beat out a plethora of competition, from across the manufacturing sector, to take home the accolade. It will now stand as a lasting testament to their high standards of quality, and willingness to show the world that the UK are still a manufacturing force to be reckoned with.

Congratulations to Rega, and a special tip of the hat to Apex Packaging, the Netherton Foundry, and Ebac, who all finished tied for 2nd place. It just goes to show how close the race was! All of the other nominations performed admirably as well, showing that British manufacturing is still going strong in a multitude of ways.

Thank you to all who participated, and be sure to follow our Twitter account, @UKMAwards, for updates on when the 2nd UK Manufacturing Awards will take place!

Runner Ups

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We are the UK Manufacturing Award. We strive to seek out, spotlight, and ultimately reward the best in UK manufacturing. Our expert panel of judges have nominated the best companies around, and from those nominees, a new champion will be crowned!This award symbolises that your business represents all that is good about the UK manufacturing sector. Long has the industry been prophesied to fail, due to the sheer level of outsourcing from big businesses, but it is still a strong, thriving sector. The nominations will be presented in due course, with the winner to follow some time after.


Our select panel of judges made their nominations based on the following criteria:

UK Based

We wouldn't be very representative of UK manufacturing if we picked a company from elsewhere in the world, would we? While we appreciate multi-national corporations and their contributions to our country, you won't find any here. This is for UK registered companies.

High Quality

Just being British won't be enough - only the principle of UK manufacturing will be considered. From a variety of sectors, our list of nominees will represent some of the best products around.


Find out more about our judges by hovering over their profiles and clicking on the + icon.

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